1) Give it as much time as you can - don't rush, try not to schedule anything else on the day, just give your body and mind over to the day.

2) Stay hydrated - delicious herbal teas, water, some fresh fruit. Focus on this the day before, during the day and afterwards. Most heat experiences are there to flush toxins so make sure you help it along and don't risk getting headaches or muscle spasms by not having enough fluid to support your system.

3) Ask the team - they love it in the spa and will know how to get the most from each facility, they'll encourage you to warm up and cool down gently as well as showering off before and after each time you get sweaty.

4) Bring what you need - a book, some flip flops (do we really need a disposable pair?), your glasses in case there's a form to complete.

5)Leave your phone in the locker - if you need to be contactable for any emergency, tell someone the number for the spa so they can find you.

6) Choose your treatment wisely, and get advice if you need it. If you want to relax, don't go for something complicated or extreme, try a gentle body wrap, a foot massage or, the queen of relaxing treatments, a natural product facial.

7) Be calm and warm before the treatment, time in the steam room or simply time with a cup of tea. Warm muscles unwind more easily and this let's your body sink into the treatment quicker thus getting more therapeutic time.

8) Be honest with your therapist! You won't hurt their feelings by asking to be more comfortable or to have more information. We appreciate your honesty!

9) If something is in the way of you enjoying your treatment, let us know. Music, temperature, pressure. A great therapist can adjust nearly everything to make it just right and want it to be perfect for you!

10) Many therapies can be seen as preventative healthcare supporting immunity, energy levels, a variety of imbalances causing disease. Let us know if you want your treatment to focus on something specific to help your all round wellbeing.