The goal is to be in resonance with the “right” vibrations. The vibrations that are inherent to us, not forced, not contrived, not fabricated. Natural internal vibrations. When we are in resonance with our natural vibrations, we are in-sync with the Universe, we are in tandem with our creation.

The question is how do we decipher our natural vibration and how do we come to be in-sync. The only way to be in-sync to be with our natural vibration is to be in in silence. When we are in pure and complete stillness, we begin to vibrate at our natural frequency. Lost in the rhythm of this natural frequency we achieve, or rather I should say, we experience, we become one with the cosmic vibration — the ultimate state.


Ravi Kathuria is the author of the spirituality book, “Happy Soul. Hungry Mind.” It is an emotional and humor-filled story of an entrepreneur and his business mentor who are dealing with severe life challenges. Ravi dissolves the complexity of traditional spirituality and presents how non-religious spirituality is simple, practical and can raise the quality of life. “Happy Soul. Hungry Mind.” is a work of spiritual genius.