(Clockwise from the top left)

The Scarlet Hotel

Cornwall, United Kingdom

The Scarlet Hotel is a bit different from other spas in their focus on your holistic wellbeing and the nourishment of your mind, body and soul is a priority. They draw on the wisdom of Ayurveda and add their own, distinctive Cornish twist. Now if that isn't right up our alley then we don't know what is. And BONUS? The sauna is OUTSIDE, IN A BARREL.

The Aqua Dome

Oberlaengenfeld, Austria

With seven different sauna areas, The Aqua Dome is the sauna lover's dream. Oh and you get a mountain view from essentially everywhere? Yes please! Pictured is their loft sauna where you can decide your optimal temperature depending on where you sit in the sauna.

Star Arctic Hotel

Lapland, Finland

Relish in gorgeous sunsets and vistas in the homeland of the sauna. Star Arctic is a beautiful hotel in and of itself, this sauna is the cherry on top for sure.

Mama Thresl

Leogang, Austria

Called "Panoramic Heat" this sauna might be the most beautiful one we've laid eyes on. That stove, those curved seats, that view! :heart eyes: You can tell that Mama Thresl has been inspired by their surroundings to create a peaceful space to sweat in.

CYL Sauna Studio

Various locations in the US.

A luxury infrared sauna studio, CYL is an innovative way to bring the sauna to the people. Where we normally expect a sauna as part of a spa, CYL works similarly to a float. You get a personal suite and a 30 minute session to get your sweat on. Now if they'll just open up a few here in the UK!