As an author, inspiration is like ocean waves. It comes and goes. It is frustrating to not be able to find the right words. When that happens, I have three ways to ignite my inspiration. Each one takes my mind off the frustration and inspires the creative juices to flow once again.

Essential Oils
There are a few oils that inspire me to be more creative in my writing. These are my favorite scents to get my creative juices flowing again:

Jasmine affects the emotions and penetrates the deepest layers of the soul
opening the doors of inspiration leaving you feeling more confident, optimistic, and joyful. You'll also have better focus and mental clarity when you diffuse jasmine. This all leads to a more heightened level of creativity.
Frankincense can focus energy, minimize distractions, and improve
concentration. It helps tap into your spiritual awareness and lets inspiration
Tangerine puts you in a state of playfulness and is sedating and calming to the
nervous system. It puts you in a mood that is more naturally creative unlocking
any inspirational blocks.
Lavender stimulates the region of the brain used for expression. It also relieves
anxiety created by not being able to express yourself with the right words. I personally put lavender into my diffuser at bedtime and find I often wake with creative words flowing through my mind.
Peppermint brings a sense of lightheartedness and joy. It helps dissipate
inhibitions allowing my creativity to flow.

Walks in nature bring me great joy and often ignite my inspiration. As I cruise through a lovely flower garden, I let the beauty of each flower fill my soul. When I walk through a forest, I breath in the earthy tones. When I walk through a city, I get inspired by the architecture that is a feast for my eyes. The beauty and aroma of nature inspires me from deep within and will inspire me to find the right words when I am stuck.

Sparkly Markers
Creating with sparkly markers, relaxes my mind, body, and soul. This takes my mind into a creative space that then brings new words to the forefront of my mind. I believe that sparkly markers can fix almost any problem because they always get my creative juices flowing empowering me to find creative solutions.

I can look around me wherever I am to find inspiration. Watching a child laugh, two people walk hand in hand, or a hummingbird drink from a beautiful flower. It only takes a few moments to stop your mind and breathe in the inspiration. I hope some of my favorite go-to ways also inspire your mind, body, and soul.