"My most memorable moments are from festivals, the field is my home and there reside my people, but the happiest time of my life was travelling to India alone.

I had thought about it for a long time before actually doing it, overthinking as usual. I remember feeling so whole and free, I had been warned by my yoga teacher training not to visit certain places as ’too dangerous to visit’ but of course that only made me want go go there (I’ve always been a rebel! Lol ).

So one evening after our quite disciplined training had finished I  descended on my walk up the beach that stretched for miles over many towns, to discover the 'dreaded' destination of Arambol, and I fucking loved it there - it was like one big massive festival full of open hearted hippies dancing so freely…. the colours the smells the sounds the people.

Ever since that moment I have never took anyone's word for anything.  

Biggest struggle right now and most of my adult life is my addiction to weed, I love it and I hate it! I love socially smoking, the culture around it but not the depressive holes it can take me too. I have given up so many times, tasted that clarity of mind again and again but something always takes me back to Mary Jane."


"Born in Brighton , raised in London, living in between my riverside flat in Twickenham, and our converted camper van."