What is really going on? Ask yourself that question over and over again. It feels like every day our consciousness is reverberating from another shock as we continue to peel back the layers.

We are witnessing and assisting the Earth's evolution into a more harmonised and multi dimensional space in time. In turn we are seeing this in ourselves and our societies as we are all part of the same eco system and connected by source.

For a very long time we have lived in a system that is designed to make us sick - to keep us divided by any means, race, politics, gender, and religion. The Earth’s energetic system is purging what needs to be released and we are seeing it being acted out in our reality. Like any great release of stuck or stale energy, the shit is surfacing in order to be let go.

But what can we do to help? We are at the midway point of the great 2020 awakening and many of us feel like we are living in a dream/nightmare. Our greatest fears are materialising before our very eyes and we can not look away any more. We are staring death in the eyes through the pandemic and realising our own mortality and fragility. We are also now being faced with the rampant racism
that we have all allowed in one way or another. It is not enough to be partially engaged in rectifying the problems that this planet as a whole faces anymore, we must be all in.

We all must confront how our actions, no matter how small contribute to the greater whole. It is becoming abundantly clear that the systems in place to control us have done an extremely good job in making us completely disconnected from one another and the planet in its entirety. When we feel separate from each other and nature, we feel separate from the problem even though that is never the case. Turning a blind eye to anything anymore just isn’t acceptable, we must accept that we are all one and will only survive as so.

Delving into our shadows is not comfortable but it is necessary. Coming to terms with our own sloppiness or prejudice is painful but it is the only way to help and do better. As I tell my 6 year old, question everything! Question the shampoo you use, question your diet, question every THING you pick up and honestly face where and how it came to be and are you ok with that?

Question the narrative being presented to you through the media. Who does it benefit, what is it doing to the world, how is it making people behave and what is surfacing through this? Does it make sense and feel truthful to your inner being or does it feel like repression and control? How do you relate to people around you from all walks of life? Do you have preconceived ideas about someone because of how they look or speak? Do you consider that that person has had an entire life you have no idea about? That they may have challenges or experiences that make them behave in a certain way that have absolutely nothing to do with you. Are you considerate of a persons race and their history as to how things may have been different for them than it was for you? If we are not rooted in a vision of a better world we will keep recreating the same fight.

Waking up means unplugging ourselves from all the programs we didn’t realise were operating inside our minds to then create a counterfeit version of ourselves. These programs consist of subliminal agreements, beliefs, attitudes, thought processes and patterns, religion, schooling, politics, our family, society, television and more. It can feel like a death of self as our old identify dissolves but it is actually the discovery of self as we begin to operate from a place of oneness and truth.

“Unity Consciouness is not simply stating that we are one, labelling all expression of pain as division, and closing your heart to the dehumanization others are and have been experiencing for centuries.
Unity Consciousness is doing the work to see where you still hold separation instincts, and to release that programming, so that we may have an authentic experience of our inherent oneness.”

-Aaron Rose