Massage therapists can offer gorgeous, sleep supporting therapies. Massage lowers blood pressure, body temperature and relaxes your system into a slower state - perfect for catching some well deserved and effective rest.

  1. Indian Head Massage - works on all those lovely points on the head releasing tension and directing your body into rest and recovery mode. Try a some self massage by finding the point where your head meets your neck and massaging that indentation in little clockwise circles for a couple of minutes.
  2. Hands and Feet Massage - feet and hands contain mini heart chakra points, working these gives a feeling of comfort and calm, the ideal safe space for resting. Again, try it yourself by finding the middle of your palm and using the other thumb to work small circles.
  3. Slow, light body massage with downward strokes towards your feet - ask your therapist for a this! It's grounding, calming and a slower pace helps to slow your breathing and to activate the rest and digest function of your parasympathetic nervous system. Light pressure isn't going to work out sports injuries or go into the muscle layer, but, coupled with a great massage oil will have super calming effects.

After any massage, make the most of this state of being - have a nap! A post massage nap is worth a good 8 hour sleep I'm sure of it (this is not science, but works for me). There are lots of people advocating the benefits of napping and I'm here for it. If we're genuinely listening to our bodies, surely the call to nap is worth listening to.


Caroline is Soul Circus' spa director and all knowing goddess of how to gift yourself self care through the world of massages, facials, and other fancy treatments.

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