They say "you are what you eat," and that couldn't be more true. But you also are the lotions and serums you put on your skin, the clothes you wrap yourself in, and the items you surround yourself with.

Here are a few of our favorite things that help us raise our vibration:

Groovy Butter is a line of organic CBD-infused nut butters made with pure, radiant, and sustainably sourced ingredients, designed to uplift your vibration – so you can destress from your high stress life, enhance your mood, focus on the moment, and create more.

Groovy Butter comes in two plant based, gluten free, dairy free flavors: Stone Ground Almond Butter and Hazelnut Cacao Butter (healthy vegan nutella). Made with low-water usage organic nuts and hemp and packaged sustainably in glass, Groovy Butter is inspired by the environmental consciousness and good vibrations of the peace and love movement of the 1960s.

Consistency is key with hemp-derived CBD. Groovy Butter was designed to fit CBD seamlessly into your daily ritual – elevating your standard scoop of almond butter and making your nightly dessert treat into a wellness practice – without adding yet another capsule, tincture, or sugar-laden gummy. Blend Groovy Butter into a smoothie, smother on toast, drizzle on ice cream, or enjoy right off the spoon.


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Dedicated to Spreading Joy, the word Jihi (pronounced gee-hee) always sounded to us like a lovely giggle or a bit of laughter. Jihi is a Japanese word for “compassion.” Literally, the symbol “ji” means “to spread joy” and the symbol “hi” means to “ease pain.” High-end and elegant, but friendly and full of life and joy, Jihi is founded on the idea of compassion for ourselves and others, and the power of self-care and balance to heal ourselves and the world around us.

Unlike other CBD brands, Jihi isn’t creating thick tinctures and supplements - trying to force CBD into your life like a new vitamin - but rather designs powerful, functional clean beauty products that enhance self-care and integrate CBD into an elevated wellness routine. We believe deeply in the power of touch in restoring muscle vitality, reducing inflammation and soothing the soul (pill-free) with our Merrimint body balm, the sweet moment of relaxation applying the Petal Milk face serum, which smells like roses and deeply nourishes and hydrates, or sailing away into the ethereal world of relaxation and sleep with our delicious Reverie evening herbal supplement.

The line is simple - 3 products, all elegantly designed to work into your life seamlessly, elevating your skincare, recovery and sleep. The formulations are gentle and powerful, and the products are held to the highest standards of clean, non-toxic formulations. The glass jars are safer than their plastic counterparts (plastic contains toxins and chemicals that can leach into our products) and are not only more elegant to use and travel with but are easier to reuse and recycle.

The power of CBD is its ability to help your body find and maintain homeostasis - balance. Emerging science and mountains of anecdotal evidence suggest that the endocannabinoids (like CBD) help the endocannabinoid system balance everything from immune health, to digestion, mental wellness and the sleep-wake cycle.

Regulating the endocannabinoid system and helping the body find balance can’t just be done through a supplement, however. Balance is a mind-body connection that is supported by all the elements of a healthy lifestyle - exercise, meditation, eating a balanced diet, drinking lots of water, getting plenty of rest. It also requires slowing down and finding pleasure - the art of self-care. The Jihi journey reflects and supports this big picture - the three products are all designed to bring you inward, inviting you to a place of quiet, healing and joy - while helping to alleviate some of the aches, pains and challenges of being in a human body.

With Jihi, your wellness is supported by clean, non-toxic and proprietary formulas that blend the best of East and West. Cutting-edge, high quality ingredients support your body in finding alignment, while bringing you and your senses deeply into the present moment. Through energetic meditations on the Jihi journal we welcome you into the place of Self-Centered Wellness, where we explore how hard it is to sit still and really nourish ourselves. We explore our resistance to true wellness, and bring our outward-orientation inward. Here we find our wounds, but also our wisdom. As you embark on this journey, we hope Jihi is a balm that soothes.

We wish you compassion for yourself, your body, your world and your planet. We hope to help you reclaim your laughter, joy and natural glow with mindful living.

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Sweet Bee Organics has several organic immunity products that help keep the whole family healthy throughout the year. Formulator and founder, Hollie King, made a promise to herself when she beat cancer: To Bring Wellness To The World. Immunity is one of her big passions, having kept her cancer in remission through holistic means. She’s formulated three powerful tonics to strengthen the immune system and promote overall health and wellbeing.

Winter Wellness Elderberry Elixir

Winter Wellness is an antiviral tonic that is delicious to the taste and super helpful for preventing and mitigating infections. It’s most beneficial in the cold and flu season, but it’s also helpful to take year-round.

Elderberry contains antioxidants that help fight colds and flu while boosting your immune system.

In Sweet Bee Organics' Winter Wellness we take the beautiful Elderberry and mix it with other immune boosting, vitamin rich organic gifts from Mother Earth.

Take a small daily dose as a preventative. And at the first sign of illness, you can take a dose every few hours to prevent the illness from gaining strength.

Sacred Roots Healing Chocolate

Combining the healing powers of reishi and chaga mushrooms with the heart-opening, nutritional gifts of Cacao, we have created this delicious hot chocolate blend Sacred Roots to nourish you from the inside out and connect you with the earth in an organic way. this healing chocolate brew is a powerhouse of natural minerals, antioxidants and wild medicine:

The Reishi and Chaga included in this powder are a medicinal marvel and have been traditionally used in cultures across the world for enhancing health and wellbeing. We combine chaga and reishi mushroom powder with other nutritional gifts from nature to support your body’s defence mechanisms, enhance your mood and connect you with that wild energy of mother earth. And the Maca Root and natural cinnamon add to the immune-boosting effects.

Springtime Soother

Anyone who suffers from seasonal allergies will find relief and also boost their immune system with this delicious tonic.  Our Springtime Soother, is a powerhouse tonic. We take L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) Elderflower and Nettle, two herbs which have been linked to anti-allergy properties, then blend this with organic apricots to bring you a beautiful mixture that will give you the boost you need.

Vitamin C is amazing at preventing allergies and boosting your immune system. o even if you don't have trouble with itchiness in the Spring, you can still can get a massive dose of Vitamin C. In fact, in just two tablespoons, you can get a whopping 1000mg of Vitamin C!

And kids love the sweet-sour taste - so it works for the whole family.

Raise Your Vibrations with Cacao

When we talk about raising our vibrations, what do we really mean? The concept of ‘high vibrations,’ is widely understood to be an energy that is strong, uplifted and centred. It comes when we feel a sense of connection, deep calm and peace, or a clear and focused mind. We naturally emit a frequency of love and harmony that affects the people around us.

When we are anxious, stressed or feeling depressed, it can be considered a heavy, dark or negative energy, emitting a, ‘low vibration,’ or a ‘low frequency,’ triggered by fear, anger or trauma, and all of the stress hormones that come with it.

With the ongoing pressures of a global pandemic, and all the unexpected stressors that have occurred during the lockdown, it’s perfectly normal to feel these low vibrations. Unfortunately, we can’t raise our vibrations by avoiding these feelings. Instead, we need to find ways to feel better, and release chemicals, such as dopamine and anandamide that help us feel good.  

Rebekah Shaman’s work involves just this – She is an Urban Plant Medicine Shaman working with cacao as a remedy for stress and anxiety. Cacao is a powerful ‘superfood,’ and packed full of goodness that can help to reduce anxiety and depression, with scientific research now confirming that chocolate helps to relieve emotional stress.


Noticing a rise in stress and anxiety since the pandemic, Rebekah decided to carry out a National Health Study in June 2020, alongside her 21 Day Cacao Challenge – From Stress and Anxiety to Peace and Harmony.

She explains; “Cacao polyphenols in commercial chocolate have been shown in clinical trials, to reduce stress in both healthy and highly-stressed individuals, so we wanted to see if ceremonial grade cacao had the same - if not greater - impact on participants who drank it daily. Whilst the study was not a clinical or scientific trial, the data from real peoples’ experience clearly showed that cacao helped reduce stress, by inducing feelings of peace, calm and harmony.”

Ceremonial-grade Cacao is different from commercial chocolate, because it is pure and without any added milk, fats or sugars. It retains its healthy natural fats, and a host of powerful antioxidants that are lost in the heating and refining process that chocolate undergoes.  

The physical benefits of cacao are found in the neurotransmitter modulating agents that act as natural antidepressants. Its high valeric acid content blocks the stress hormones, while triggering the release of dopamine, anandamide and the endorphin phenylethylamine, all of which are known as the ‘bliss molecules’ and make us feel positive, uplifted and happy.

Cacao also contains the essential amino acid tryptophan, which increases production of serotonin, an important brain chemical that helps us feel relaxed, peaceful and calm. These neurotransmitters also remain in the bloodstream longer after ingesting cacao, acting as a natural antidepressant, while the theobromine and caffeine content boosts energy levels and relieves fatigue.

Emotionally, cacao is a powerful Plant Medicine that helps us to heal emotional blockages and wounds around the heart, find forgiveness in ourselves and others, and shows us the way forward if we are stuck, or afraid of making necessary life changes. It also enables us to release conditionings, patterns of behaviour and addictions that are no longer serving us.

Historically, cacao has always been considered a very powerful aphrodisiac, exotic food, and most importantly, a medicine by the Mesoamerican and South American cultures, such as the Mayans, Aztecs and Spanish conquistadors. Its Greek name Theobroma Cacao literally means ‘Food of the Gods, Thea (god), Broma (food).’

Ritual Cacao trades directly with Amazonian tribes, from Peru and Ecuador, and sells 100% pure, traditionally harvested and organically-grown ceremonial-grade cacao straight from the bean, ground down into what is known as the ‘cacao liquor,’ and historically renowned for its many health benefits that support physical and psychological well-being.

Through her work, Rebekah Shaman hopes that cacao can gain recognition as a powerful plant medicine for mental health, and a perfect remedy for managing stress and anxiety  during these chaotic and trying times.

For more information about Rebekah’s Cacao or Ceremonies please visit

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