The Spring Equinox is an invitation to emerge into transcendance.

Collectively within the last year we have experienced major upheaval, trauma and change within our global consciousness. We are coming into a period of taking care of humanity, which means we are focused less on survival and more on transcendence!

As a society we have been controlled by fear within the media that we consume. Organized religion has told us if we don’t follow the path we will be cursed. There is a demonization of non-traditional practices, the fear of death and suffering, and scarcity. Scarcity is a pillar of capitalism and economics, it tells us that we are not enough as humans. In a capitalist society, we have to prove our worthiness, there is only room for one, and there is competition with one another. These are all aspects of a consciousness that is dominated by fear, power and survival!

As we step into the Age of Aquarius we are being called to take care of one another. Finding ways for all of us to have basic needs met such as universal health care, acceptance of all, equity for BIPOC, and calling for accountability. This is the rise of the revolution, the women’s movement, Black Lives Matter, calling out Asian discrimination, acknowledgement of Indigenous land and so forth. We must acknowledge our wrongdoings as a collective to undo the trauma of survival and fear to be our dominant consciousness. Reclaiming our ancestry and our voice can move us into transcendence.

The power of transcendence resides in unity consciousness, the multidimensional reality of quantum, and the frequency that is beyond our Mother Earth. The 2020 Spring Equinox and the COVID Pandemic brought our first paradigm shift into alignment! The 2021 Spring Equinox is the second shift to call us into our purpose. We are continuing to step out of the matrix and into the autonomy of our own path! This is calling us to make more aligned choices for ourselves, and take responsibility. It’s a remembrance of the power of who we are individually and collectively. Transcendence is liberation and acceptance of all, in a world that is ruled by love of humanity. It will allow us to be in alignment with our true path, Mother Earth, and our quantum multidimensional reality.

Although in western culture we celebrate the New Year in January, the astrological New Year officially begins with Aries season, March 21, 2021. Aries season is the signifier of the Spring Equinox, this is the end of our winter hibernation and solitude. The winter cold is melting away with warmer weather, and our world is re-emerging for a new cycle. Aries is a cardinal, fire sign, meaning it begins the Western astrological wheel with blazing intentions and passionate ideas. With this new astrological year, we feel the need to take action on all of our projects we have been planning for since the beginning of January. We can feel more playful and spontaneous due to this fire energy! Our inner child will want to indulge in more pleasure, fun, and spend time outdoors. The need to socialize will be persistent, and we will feel called to come out of our hermit shell in order to connect with others and the world around us.

You can use this Aries energy and the Spring Equinox as a personal and collective new beginning. How can you advocate for yourself and your dreams unapologetically? Call upon your inner warrior to stand up for you, playing small is no longer an option. If you’ve been holding back because of insecurities, you can use this transit to inspire a stronger belief in yourself. Aries is a very action oriented sign, so get physical and explore the unknown terrain! This is the time to challenge your belief systems and myths that the Matrix has told you. Take more chances and risks from a place of courage, rather than operating from fear. You can see this newly born world as a place of opportunity and abundance! Know that any challenges that come up can be overcome by your pure determination and willpower, just like the Ram.

Self-care tips during The Spring Equinox from The Woke Mystix:

Take your shoes off and connect with nature. Take a walk and commune with the natural elements, garden, work with plants and herbs in your spiritual practice for grounding. Things are blooming, life is in a place of rebirth, observe it and appreciate how it’s transforming you.

Journal prompt:

What passion projects do you want to pursue? What have you learned since the Spring Equinox 2020? How can you apply your new mindset for Spring Equinox 2021?

Three card Oracle/Tarot spread:

Card 1: what am I leaving behind from 2020?

Card 2: what am I receiving with the spring Equinox?

Card 3: what will be my lesson moving forward in 2021?

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The Woke Mystix is a space platform dedicated to the discussion of spirituality, astrology, and magic from the perspective of two non-conforming women of color. Cohosts Ellen and Imani are both practitioners within astrology, tarot, and quantum. You can find more of their work on their website and Instagram.