Everyone has the ability to live their healthiest and happiest life, we just need the tools to get out of our own way and allow ourselves to connect with our highest potential. There are many different avenues of tapping into your higher self and through Evolve by Erika my goal is to help guide you on your path to your best overall being. The journey includes kundalini yoga, meditation and breath work, movement and mindset shifts, plant-based living, setting intentions and manifesting what we want.

The work helps us not only heal ourselves, but those around us. We are less reactive. We come from a grounded centered place and become more aligned within. We take action from this and it ripples to those closest to us. We heal emotions from generations before us. By doing this healing we are creating a better life for ourselves and our earth.


Erika Polsinelli is a certified Kundalini Meditation Specialist and Manifestation Mentor. She created a platform called Evolve by Erika to help individuals tap into their highest vibrational self. Her work has recently been featured in outlets such as Harper's Bazaar, Forbes and SHAPE.

We're facing unprecedented times and it's hard to deny that it's taken a toll on the average person's mental health. Erika feels that leaning into a meditative practice as a coping mechanism is more important than ever! Breathwork and meditation brings us clarity and helps in our decision making process. We spend less time contemplating over the right decision and have more of an inner knowing and guidance. We gain more clarity which helps us make a clear decision. Since breathwork and meditation calms the nervous system, our energy is more focused and centered and less frantic. When we come from a more grounded and centered place, we are more efficient.