Sound meditation is perfect for anyone who struggles to switch off and gives your whole body a reset.

Using different instruments ranging from singing bowls to a powerful gong to create sound vibrations and frequencies to shift any energy blockages within the body, whilst calming your nervous system bringing you to a state of tranquility and peacefulness.

For those who haven’t experienced a sound meditation before might wonder why you’re listening to these random white noise sounds the instruments create. What happens is the different random sounds eventually switch the two sides of the brain off stopping any mind chatter, altering your state of mind and relaxing your nervous system taking you into either a deep relaxation, deep meditative state or deep restful sleep.

It really is the easiest and most wonderful way to completely relax and switch off, as all you have to do is lay there and let the sounds, vibrations and frequencies do the hard work for you.

I've created a 10 minute meditation for you below to experience this first hand:

Now I’ve explained in simple terms what happens, let me don my science goggles and let’s talk brainwaves! Brainwaves are electrical pulses in our brain. Each person’s emotions, thoughts, and behaviours are communicated through nerve cells within our brain. Our brainwaves can change according to what we are doing and how we are feeling.

There are four main types of brainwaves which are measured by the electrical pattern and frequency.

BETA - You experience beta brainwaves during most of your waking hours. Anything that requires your active attention.
ALPHA - You experience alpha brainwaves when you’re awake but resting. This is when daydreaming can occur.
THETA - You experience theta brainwaves when you’re relaxed, having a dreamy sleep or in a deep meditative state.
DELTA - You experience delta brainwaves when you’re in a deep deep sleep. This is the slowest brainwave and is when rejuvenation and true rest occurs.

Sound meditation can alter your brainwaves (especially the sound of the gong), firstly by producing alpha brainwaves, then theta brainwaves, and then even delta brainwaves. What happens as mentioned before is the different sounds, vibrations and frequencies lower the rate of your brainwaves taking you into an altered state of mind.

When you reach an alpha state of mind during a sound meditation you will have a very relaxing and very calm experience. However when you reach a theta state of mind as much as this can be deeply relaxing and calming too, all sorts of weird and wonderful things can occur as well.

Theta brainwaves can create visions, an emotional release, bring up past life experiences, a heightened state of awareness, and vivid dreams. Sometimes this experience can be quite a strange or painful one but trust the process as a sound meditation never brings harm and only ever works for your highest and greatest good.

This is why your sound meditation experience from each practice to the next can vary so much, as it all depends on your headspace at the time and where your brainwaves take you to.

There are so many benefits to sound meditation: not only is it super easy, it provides the whole body with a reset, helps ease anxiety, depression and stress, promotes deep relaxation, helps move emotional blockages, dissolves mind chatter, alters your state of mind taking you into a deep relaxation, deep meditative state or deep sleep, heals the mind, body and soul, helps clear negative energy, extremely calming, can help heal past traumas, and is great for your overall wellbeing.

As you can see I’m truly passionate about holistic therapies especially sound meditation and what it can bring to your life in terms of the many amazing benefits, spiritual awareness and healing properties. So if you’re new to meditation or thinking about trying it then sound meditation is a great place to start. I truly promise you won’t regret it and will never look back!


I’m a wife to my lovely husband and a mummy to our gorgeous son - my little family is everything to me.

I have a passion for travel and culture and have flown around the world for nearly 18 years now as a Flight Attendant. I’ve been lucky enough to see and experience the most beautiful places all over the world, both with work and my family making many wonderful memories along the way.

When I’m not wandering the streets of New York City or doing yoga on the beach in the Seychelles I’m a Holistic Therapist. Alongside my family and travelling anything holistic lights up my heart and soul.

After many years of intensive training I am now the founder of Be YOU Wellbeing offering reiki energy healing, mindfulness coaching and sound meditation. Like most since COVID I’ve had to take my offerings online and as much as I was reluctant to do this, I have to say the response I am getting from my weekly online sound meditations is overwhelming.

I’ve built a beautiful virtual community that I connect with every week, not only does it prompt people to take that hour for themselves to relax but it’s having that connection with others that seems to be more and more difficult to attain. So amongst all the difficulties and madness in the world right now this is one the massive positives for all involved and it's just magical!

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