I often hear about “raising your vibration” in the context of manifestation. However, the frequency in which we desire to operate is available to us at any given moment, and manifestation happens at any frequency. We tend to think that vibrations are something that we cannot access unless we do, or say, or have certain things, but the truth of the matter is that our emotional resilience is the deciding factor.

We are manifesting things all day every day, whether we are conscious of it or not. That being said, when we embark on the journey to “raise our vibration” what we are actually doing is becoming aware of how our emotions inform our perception of reality.

I have used meditation for many years, and meditation has been my vehicle to healing emotional wounds that stopped me from embodying the frequency of energy I wanted to experience.

To prove that we can experience any frequency at any time, let me give an example of suffering.

If we start the day off by stubbing our toe when we get out of bed and then we have a bad day, or we get the phone call that someone we love has suddenly died, and we immediately plummeted into grief. We experience the emotional fluctuations that inform our “vibration”.

What meditation has taught me is that accessing a higher vibrational state has less to do with feeling painful emotions and more to do with how quickly I can go through the spectrum of emotions to move back into my natural state of being.

Gabby Bernstein talks a lot about the idea that certain emotions hold a certain energetic frequency. The lowest being emotions such as shame and guilt and then moving up with anger, all the way up until you reach love and enlightenment.

The goal isn't to never feel the lower frequency emotions. Rather, we need to make peace with their existence and experiencing them from time to time. If we fear an uncomfortable emotion, then we will always live in a state (frequency) of fear.

The real goal is to learn how to get comfortable with being uncomfortable so you can process all your emotions and return to your natural state of being.

I believe that our natural state of being, or homeostasis state is the highest frequency of love.

The question is, how do we develop our emotional resilience enough to get back to our “high vibrational” homeostasis state as we navigate through the sufferings of life?

I think the first step is to know how you want to feel in your mind, body, and spirit. Once we identify the feelings, we can teach ourselves to embody them.

Think about how you act on your birthday.

For most people I know, including myself, we’ve got what I call “the BBE” (Big Birthday Energy). You know, that inner giddiness when you wake up and it’s YOUR birthday.

You’re basically beaming with energy from the inside out. You’ll notice that people might treat you a little differently on your birthday; interactions with strangers will seem kinder, softer, more friendly. If you happen upon someone who is grumpy, you might pause for a second, but then you find yourself brushing it off because it’s your birthday!

Much like when we have a meditation practice, the day-to-day thoughts quiet, and we become completely present on our birthday. This causes a shift in how we interact with ourselves and the world around us.

This is you experiencing “raising your vibration” with your BBE.

If that analogy doesn’t work for you, think of something that you dearly love and notice how that changes your entire outlook and how you feel in your body.

The second step is to know what thoughts are running through your mind.

When we meditate, we create a mind-body-spirit connection that teaches us how to be present with what is happening now, and detach from our thoughts. Moving into the silent observer role, we can then determine what thoughts, stories, patterns, and beliefs we are feeding ourselves moment to moment.

Knowing what thoughts run through our mind is important because our body reacts to every single thought we have. If we are constantly feeding ourselves painful thoughts, reliving the past, and the old “not good enough” line, chances are that’s how we feel in our bodies too, and that affects our “vibration”.

Furthermore, we are only consciously aware of one percent of the fifty to eighty thousand thoughts we have a day.

When we know what thoughts are running, we can feed our conscious one percent which then informs the ninety-nine percent of subconscious thoughts. That’s why gratitude practice works so well. It teaches us to look for things to be grateful for and we move from looking at how little we have to how much we have our whole being changes.

If our thoughts are all consumed by doubt, fear, shame, and “lower vibrational” emotions, our body is responding to that, and the lens through which we look through life will also be informed by that. To add insult to injury, other people will also be responding to us from that energetic space.

Think about a time that you were in a really bad mood and everyone just seemed to steer clear of you, or people would choose that day to say something insensitive or insulting just to kick the horse when it’s down. The reason this happens is because we are on high alert. It’s not that these snide remarks don’t happen other days of the week, but we are tuned into that frequency so we are going to look for patterns in our day-to-day to feed the story we are telling ourselves.

In other words, we find what we look for, and we look for confirmation based on our conscious and subconscious thoughts. When we have a strong meditation practice, we begin to see this and shift our thoughts at the moment. So instead of feeling like you’re getting kicked when you’re already down, you’ll take the opportunity to take inventory of your thoughts, and shift your perspective.

When we stick with a practice like meditation we learn how to be okay with being uncomfortable. The more we sit with the hard feelings, the less fearful we become of them. The less fearful we become, the easier it gets to process, and return to our natural state of being.

Which leads me to the last step, believing.

We have to believe we are worthy of being in the frequency of love and receiving that same frequency of love.

We can do visualization meditations and affirmation or mantra meditations to heal and feel a new, supportive belief system.

Over time, you’ll start to see your perception of reality shift. Your body will ease because the brain cannot distinguish what is "real" and what is "imagined". When you engage in meditation or visualization, your brain takes all that you say, feel, and “see” as truth at that moment.

The more you practice, the more real it becomes, and the more you start to see the transformations take shape in your life.

In short, if you want to “raise your vibration”, know that all you have to do is return to your natural state of being., You can do this by focusing on strengthening your emotional resilience through meditation and watch the magic unfold.  


Jenna is an intuitive and medium, modern mystic, writer and host of the Spark Intention Podcast. She’s been certified as a stress coach, meditation and mindfulness teacher, breathwork and embodiment facilitator and uses this knowledge as the foundation for her work.

Now she has dedicated her life to working with womxn who hear the calling to embody their intuition and take their sacred life to the next level.

You can learn more about Jenna on her website and be sure to give her a follow on Instagram!