Saunas (pronounced sow-na) have been around for centuries across many a civilisation. And can you blame our ancestors? Emerging from a sauna session feels so good!

Saunas were originated in Finland and are most popular in northern Europe. They're characterized as a room made of materials such as cedar - a natural antiseptic and :BONUS: smells amazing - with a stove bringing the temperature of the tiny room to upwards of 100 degrees Celsius.

The dry heat triggers a healthy sweat releasing toxins from the body and cleansing skin from impurities. It whizzes away heavy metals and chemicals whilst dilating blood vessels helping maintain vascular elasticity.

There are some deeper effects at work too; heating cells triggers them into repair mode, rejuvenating you from this most basic, cellular level. Your cardiovascular health is improved with the dry, sauna heat helping open vessels encouraging an easy and smooth heart rate. Easier breathing and a peaceful heart beat can contribute to lowering feelings of anxiety or depression as well as alleviating stress.

The soothing properties of heat also work on joints, arthritic pain, muscle tension giving some ease and helping you to move with more freedom. This also works for exercise recovery, speeding up cell growth, increasing levels of growth hormone to repair and renew muscle tissue.

Add some eucalyptus and pine twigs to your sauna session for a gentle thrashing and medicinal air qualities to give yourself an extra health boost.

The cooling down part is just as important as your sweat sesh - it's also some people's least favorite part - so make sure you take either a cold shower or hop into a plunge pool.

Saunas are traditionally social places and act as an opportunity for quality time with old friends and making new friends. So grab your bestie and head for a sauna this spring to aid your body in regeneration and get it ready for warmer weather!