Understanding our true nature is the key to raising our vibration. We are taught to believe we are limited with what we can do and what we can achieve - that keeps our vibes low and our spirits small.

The reason many of us feel low vibes is because we have absolutely no idea how energetically magnificent we are. Most of us are unable to see our energetic force field so we are tricked into thinking that we are merely skin and bone, with only a small amount of potential.

If we look at things from an energy and frequency point of view, we are the universe/spirit experiencing itself in human form and we create our reality according to our belief system. Just like the universe was created from the ‘big bang’ on a macro level we are also created from a magnificent collision of energy on a micro level, forming us into matter to live and create in this realm. The only reason we are here is because that divine energy runs through us connecting us to every other living thing. Therefore, it is possible to become aware of and strengthen that connection to the source of that energy thus maximising our lives and our potential.

Just like our planet, our hearts also emit an electromagnetic frequency that has been scientifically measured and proven. It is said to reach about 3 feet outside of the physical body meaning we are walking talking energetic magnets literally attracting and creating our reality in every waking moment. We must be aware of this power in order to manage it properly, every single thought and emotion is created from a loop of energetic feedback from the field that surrounds us.

Our 5 senses can only pick up a tiny spectrum of what is in this dimension and beyond, meaning there are layers upon layers of energetic activity that we have no idea about. If we humans could see what we are immersed in daily, we would be amazed. We are tossed around by unseen forces at every moment, some too mammoth to even comprehend. Therefore, many of us follow astrology as the movement of the planets is one of the ways we can predict and understand what is happening beyond our physical sight and comprehension.

This is all extremely good news because it means that we can connect to cosmic powers and easily create change in our lives and the world if we want to. Manifesting our desires is becoming easier as more and more information is available on this subject. We are also collectively getting better at recognising that a healthy mind and body creates a stronger connection to this source energy, creating a more harmonious existence.

We are currently seeing lots of things in our collective that are chaotic, scary, triggering, confusing and sad. It feels like everywhere we turn there is bad news and there is a reason for that. Bad news is very efficient at keeping our vibration low. Our magnetic fields shrink when we are scared or angry and our life force with it. Just like our planet can not sustain or create from a limited energetic field, neither can we.

The collective subconscious field is revealing to us deep ancestral conditioning and programming as we continue through this timeline. Huge topics are being thrown up to be acknowledged and healed so we can move forward towards a brighter future. Facing these shadows and transmuting them into light is a sure-fire way to increase our vibration, liberating our bodies from fears deep within the cellular memory.

To create and manifest more of what we want to see in the world we have to become our deepest desires and embody them completely. That means not getting caught up in the turmoil and chaos on the ground but connecting to a higher source of energy that resides just above what we can physically see.

Our heart is the portal for this, so we need to find ways to stay in our hearts and not project all our energy outwards towards the drama we are seeing unfold. Practices like meditation, yoga, breathwork are becoming increasingly more important as humanity is rapidly being funnelled down a route of disconnection and fear from an outward force.

The only way to not get caught up in this mess is to go the opposite way – inward. Trusting in the divinity of our spirit and becoming aware and protective of the sovereignty of our physical bodies. We have evolved over millions of years to live and create on this planet meaning there is an ancient intelligence and lifeforce in all of us that has existed for eons.